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P&C Executive Members’ Details

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P&C Email Address –

Every P&C has an email address that is managed by the Department of Education and Training, through your school.

This email address is used by both the Department of Education and Training and P&Cs Qld to communicate with P&Cs, including our monthly e-newsletter P&C-e.

It is the responsibility of the P&C each year to ensure that the schools MIS Administrator is given the current email addresses to which the emails received to the P&C email address are automatically forwarded to.  P&Cs Qld recommends that emails are only forwarded to the current P&C executive committee.

Click here to download the form to be given to the schools MIS Administrator – P&C Email Address, Change of Details


ATO Change of Contact

Unfortunately we are no longer able to process Australian Taxation Office Change of Contact Forms on behalf of your P&C as ATO requirements have recently changed.

Process for registering a new ATO contact – see link to ATO here



AGM Forms

Sample Executive Officer Nomination Form

Application for P&C Membership Form

P&C Code of Conduct

P&C Accountability Transmission Document

P&C Audit Certificates


Insurance Forms

Activity Declaration Form 2017-2018

Claims Notification Advice 2017-2018

Liability Certificate of Currency Request 2017-2018