P&C of the Year Awards










2016 Queensland P&C of the Year: McDowall SS
with Veronica Howarth Commonwealth Bank (Head of School Banking and Youth)











Thanks to P&C of the Year 2017 Sponsors Commonwealth Bank 



Win up to $5000 for your P&C!

Area P&C of the Year winners: $1000 each (eight prizes available)

Queensland P&C of the Year: $4000


Nominations open: 12 May 2017

Nominations close: 14 July 2017

Winners announced: 9 September 2017 (at P&Cs Qld State Conference)


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2016 winners

Click below to see the visual presentations from each Area winner.

Denison State School (Central Qld Area)

Healy State School (North Qld Area)

Ipswich West State School (Metro South Area)

Malanda State School (Far North Qld Area)

McDowall State School (Metro North Area and P&C of the Year 2016)

Mount Samson State School (North Coast Area)

Surfers Paradise State School (South East Area)

Toowoomba State High School (Darling Downs South West Area)


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