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State Office staff

Clockwise from top left: Madonna Stewart (Office Manager), Kevan Goodworth (CEO), Arlene Clarke (Personal Assistant), Jacqui Campbell (Publications Officer), Katrina Anderson (P&C Services Manager), Rachael Bakker (P&C Services Officer), Margaret Leary (Training and Development Officer), Elise Parups (Business and Communications Manager).


P&Cs Qld is your source of accurate information for state school P&Cs


Volunteer Area Co-ordinators

From left: Tia Law (North Coast), Elaine McDonnell (Darling Downs South West), Kerry Bower (North Queensland), Sally Whelan (Central Queensland), Penni Davidson (Metro North), Cassie Formosa (Far North Queensland), Rebekah Ashton (South East), Margaret Leary (Training and Development Officer).


Area Co-ordinators and their support teams bring P&C communities together to learn and share with each other through networking and skilling.

If you would like to be involved as a P&Cs Qld volunteer in your Area, please contact the State Office on 1800 218 228.


Who is QCPCA?

QCPCA trades as P&Cs Qld and School Councils Qld. P&Cs Qld is the peak parent body which represents the interests of state school parents and citizens associations throughout Queensland. It has a history of nearly 70 years and a membership of approximately 1250 P&C associations.

Our mission is to:

  • Advocate strategically and consistently at all levels of decision making, on behalf of parents and affiliated parent organisations (P&Cs and School Councils)
  • Support P&C Associations and School Councils through the provision of state-of-the-art services, policy advice and professional development.

The vision is that QCPCA is:

  • a genuine partner in the decision-making in relation to public education in this state
  • the pre-eminent representative parent and community group in this state, indispensable because of its worth
  • the benchmark for all parent and community organisations, nationally and internationally.

P&Cs Qld’s aims and objectives are:

  • to represent and support the activities of P&C Associations
  • to foster the activities of P&C Associations in the interest of their students
  • to be involved in all areas of education affecting the parent, the school and the community
  • to communicate regularly and formally with the Department of Education and Training and other bodies having objectives similar to those of the Company
  • to promote closer co-operation between principals, teachers, students and parents
  • to be non-sectarian and non-party political.

P&Cs Qld is:

  • a Company Limited by Guarantee with a nine-person Board, governed by a constitution
  • a service organisation to its members in all areas relevant to their operation
  • an advocacy group to governments, political parties and the wider community
  • a networked company with volunteer Area teams in eight geographic zones throughout Queensland
  • serviced by a State Office based in Brisbane.

Membership benefits:

  • immediate informed advice and support via a permanently staffed telephone hotline and email service
  • a comprehensive and informative website where P&Cs can also store and share their key documents and information
  • a quarterly magazine, Parent Talk, which presents information of interest to P&C associations, schools and parents
  • a monthly email newsletter, P&C-e, which provides timely updates on current issues
  • research and reports
  • statewide events and workshops
  • Area conferences, seminars, workshops, networking and skilling
  • training resources, kits, webinars
  • a range of communication channels including Facebook and Twitter
  • analysis of federal and state education initiatives
  • representation at regional, state and federal levels
  • the opportunity to provide feedback to Area, state and federal organisations through the peak parent body in Queensland and our national partner, ACSSO.