70th Jubilee

Help us tell our history

Over the past 70 years, QCPCA, through P&Cs Qld and more recently School Councils Qld, has engaged with thousands of state school P&C members, parents, children, principals and Departmental representatives.

To help us celebrate our 70th year in 2017, and as we move towards our diamond jubilee in 2022, P&Cs Qld will be collecting QCPCA histories, stories and memorabilia held by members past and present.

We have established a digital platform on ‘historypin’ to add your photo, story or memory about the history of our great organisation. We are calling on all our past and present members and associates to help us create this catalogue of memorable events that will continue to be built upon by schools and P&Cs in the years to come.

We believe that people will have historical local newspaper articles, photos or audio pieces in their possession, highlighting activities that they have been involved with through their P&C over the years.  These are the pieces that will help to build our historypin for the future.  We need all of what you have small or big, significant or other.  Your collection is exactly what we are looking for!
To begin, you will need to create a historypin account: go to www.historypin.org/en/ and click the ‘Join’ button. Once you have logged in, you can navigate to the QCPCA Jubilee History site by clicking in the search bar and typing QCPCA. From this site, click on ‘Add a pin’ and complete each step. You will be able include a description of your item and mark an exact or thereabouts location.

QCPCA has established a small Jubilee Committee made up of State Office staff and dedicated past QCPCA volunteers.  This group will be the main builders of the history catalogue and can be contacted on the details below. If you are interested in helping us to collect and catalogue, please get in contact.
Email: admin@pandcsqld.com    Freecall: 1800 218 228