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P&Cs Qld President, Margaret Black, at #DETPC2015 today. Think, say and practise “our school”. http://t.co/yfyO84xiS82 days agoReply
RT @queengaylew: “@QELIedu: Outstanding principals = optimism+ courage + resilience #DETPC2015” = great results for our kids!2 days agoReply
RT @QASSPInc: DG Patrea Walton - we need optimistic, courageous and resilient principals who share, support others and collaborate #DETPC202 days agoReply
RT @DrAdamFraser: At #DETPC2015 amazing panel of kids on stage. Leaving me feeling optimistic about the future.2 days agoReply
RT @katejonesqld: It was an honour to speak at @QLDDET's Principals' Conference today and fantastic to meet so many amazing Queensland prin…2 days agoReply
RT @JustinKummerow: What a fantastic advertisement for State Schooling - the future of our state is in great hands! #DETPC20153 days agoReply
RT @QELIedu: This is what it is all about - inspiring young minds by being an inspiration ourselves. #DETPC20153 days agoReply
RT @dickman_greg: The impact teachers have on students can't be understated. Wonderful hearing frank and fearless truths from amazing stude…3 days agoReply
RT @DigitalEducator: As educators, 'We don't fix children- we make them better'. Dr Yong Zhao #DETPC20153 days agoReply
RT @QASSPInc: Yong Zhao - with outcome measures, we have to be very careful about what we focus on - the most valued capacity is creativity…3 days agoReply