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RT @9NewsAUS: Education union to call on the federal government to implement the full Gonski model: https://t.co/th8lY2D3Lb #9News1 day ago
RT @queengaylew: @PandCsQld Area Co-ordinators training, learning, managing! #pcsqld #AC #team https://t.co/f4VZs6ld4l1 day ago
RT @queengaylew: @katejonesqld @ACSSOTWEETS @PandCsQld great night celebrating education partnerships https://t.co/XsDcb7PoAZ1 day ago
RT @AlisonCurtis_: Minister Jones speaks about the Autism Hub and the importance of education for our youth, @Clbrownlow @pandcsqld1 day ago
Area Coordinators are working hard tonight. @PandCsQld https://t.co/AW7z39SOCE2 days ago
Our support for School Councils and links to training and funding now open! https://t.co/t0rCqMH3c3 @SchoolCouncilsQld @PandCQld @QELIedu3 days ago
Area Coordinators working hard! #pandcqld https://t.co/AW7z39SOCE3 days ago
RT @tolemandj: Kathy Margolis: Teacher’s Facebook post on why she quit goes viral https://t.co/fpN2WTDrEc3 days ago
RT @GimmeUS: Many teachers have it real tough, and one Australian teacher has had enough Kathy Margolis… https://t.co/Gb7EmPznhx3 days ago