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State Conference Countdown

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Congratulations Innisfail State College P&C recently awarded Far North Queensland Area P&C of the Year 2015! http://t.co/KFJVj73hbp2 days agoReply
RT @PortDouglas_SS: Our @PandCsQld PDSS P&C installed a new play equipment at our school. Thanks. BG #wemakethedifference http://t.co/xuv0B…6 days agoReply
Congratulations Holland Park State School Winner of 2015 Queensland P&C of the Year http://t.co/Y7K4ukn7pQ http://t.co/JZ04y880816 days agoReply
Wow, the holidays flew by quickly. Welcome to Term 4! http://t.co/0gCRmDZ5qr1 week agoReply
@QLDSchoolSport Seeking Queensland School Sport House Parents https://t.co/O1pen6OTUc http://t.co/xkgqh6LzXk2 weeks agoReply
Parents, learn how to suport your children with study, at exam time and when results arrive: http://t.co/FYg8W3c70n http://t.co/m8hUkraCwS2 weeks agoReply
Schools Plus makes tax deductible donations available to public schools https://t.co/YtfBHKWW2v2 weeks agoReply
Guests of #pcsqld2015 enjoyed taste-testing Captain Naturals fresh and healthy popcorn. Available to Qld schools http://t.co/q3PZdtHCX32 weeks agoReply