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RT @queengaylew: Really insightful deep questions from the students and parents at #GenSext @couriermail @QLDDET @PandCsQld2 days ago
RT @queengaylew: 100 hrs to learn to drive and the parents have to be in the car with you - be on the device with them know the apps! @cour2 days ago
RT @queengaylew: Teenagers freedom vs trust - Be responsible as a parent don't be friends! #GenSext @couriermail @PandCsQld2 days ago
RT @dilberry: It’s not an invasion of privacy. It’s parenting #gensext @couriermail days ago
RT @janecowell8: Learn about this technology through your public #library days ago
RT @cazzyn55: What used to be private between young people is often now public and permanent through technology use.@couriermail @Gensext2 days ago
RT @queengaylew: Give advice, provide support and don't shame - biggest impact of youth suicide of images that get away from them #GenSext2 days ago
RT @cazzyn55: @couriermail @Gensext @PandFQld how do we support young men who also feel shame if they make a mistake and share. Young men a…2 days ago
RT @Rhi_lani: Education Min - we can all change the language we use, how we refer to other women and our peers and teach kindness #gensext2 days ago
RT @queengaylew: Great job #taskforceArgos keeping our kids safe when they have to take over accounts when you have been "groomed" @courier2 days ago